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Lourenço, C.F., Ledo, A. Laranjinha, J. Gerhardt, G.A. Barbosa, R.M. 
Microelectrode array biosensor for high-resolution measurements of extracellular glucose in the brain.
Biosens. Actuators B: Chem., 2016237:298-307.  (Link)
Stan TL, Alvarsson A, Branzell N, Sousa VC, Svenningsson P.
"NMDA receptor antagonists ketamine and Ro25-6981 inhibit evoked release of glutamate in vivo in the subiculum."
Transl Psychiatry. 2014 4:e395. (Link)

Alvarsson A, Zhang X, Stan TL, Schintu N, Kadkhodaei B, Millan MJ, Perlmann T, Svenningsson P
"Modulation by Trace Amine-Associated Receptor 1 of Experimental Parkinsonism, l-DOPA Responsivity, and Glutamatergic Neurotransmission."
J Neurosci. 2015, 35(41):14057-69 (Link)
Scofield MD, Boger HA, Smith RJ, Li H, Haydon PG, Kalivas PW.
"Gq-DREADD Selectively Initiates Glial Glutamate Release and Inhibits Cue-induced Cocaine Seeking."
 Biol Psychiatry. 2015 [Epub ahead of print] (Link
Farrand AQ, Gregory RA, Scofield MD, Helke KL, Boger HA.
"Effects of aging on glutamate neurotransmission in the substantia nigra of Gdnf heterozygous mice."
Neurobiol Aging. 2015, 36(3):1569-76. (Link)
Hinzman JM, DiNapoli VA, Mahoney EJ, Gerhardt GA, Hartings JA.
"Spreading depolarizations mediate excitotoxicity in the development of acute cortical lesions." 
Exp Neurol. 2015, 267:243-53. (Link)
Miller EM, Quintero JE, Pomerleau F, Huettl P, Gerhardt GA, Glaser PE.
"Simultaneous glutamate recordings in the frontal cortex network with multisite biomorphic microelectrodes: New tools for ADHD research."
J Neurosci Methods. 2015 [Epub ahead of print] (Link
Baladi MG, Horton RE, Owens WA, Daws LC, France CP.
"Eating high fat chow decreases dopamine clearance in adolescent and adult male rats but selectively enhances the locomotor stimulating effects of cocaine in adolescents." 
Int JNeuropsychopharmacol. 2015, 18(7):1-11. (Link
Pershing ML, Bortz DM, Pocivavsek A, Fredericks PJ, Jørgensen CV, Vunck SA, Leuner B, Schwarcz R, Bruno JP.
"Elevated levels of kynurenic acid during gestation produce neurochemical, morphological, and cognitive deficits in adulthood: implications for schizophrenia." 
Neuropharmacology. 2015,90:33-41. (Link
Larhammar M, Patra K, Blunder M, Emilsson L, Peuckert C, Arvidsson E, Rönnlund D, Preobraschenski J, Birgner C, Limbach C, Widengren J, Blom H,, Jahn R, Wallén-Mackenzie Å, Kullander K.
"SLC10A4 is a vesicular amine-associated transporter modulating dopamine homeostasis."
Biol Psychiatry. 2015, 15;77(6):526-36. (Link)  
Mishra D, Harrison NR, Gonzales CB, Schilström B, Konradsson-Geuken Å.
"Effects of age and acute ethanol on glutamatergic neurotransmission in the medial prefrontal cortex of freely moving rats using enzyme-based microelectrode amperometry." 
PLoS One. 2015, 10(4):1-15 (Link
Nordström U, Beauvais G, Ghosh A, Pulikkaparambil Sasidharan BC, Lundblad M, Fuchs J, Joshi RL, Lipton JW, Roholt A, Medicetty S, Feinstein TN, Steiner JA, Escobar Galvis ML, Prochiantz A, Brundin P.
"Progressive nigrostriatal terminal dysfunction and degeneration in the engrailed1 heterozygous mouse model of Parkinson's disease." 
Neurobiol Dis. 2015, 73:70-82. (Link
Somkuwar SS, Kantak KM, Dwoskin LP.
"Effect of methylphenidate treatment during adolescence on norepinephrine transporter function in orbitofrontal cortex in a rat model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."
J Neurosci Methods.  2015 [Epub ahead of print]  (Link)




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