In Vivo BiosensingCeramic Microelectrode Arrays - MEAs


Ceramic multi-electrode arrays having platinum recording sites and polyimide insulation produced using precise photolithographic techniques.

Major advantages:

  • Robust and reproducible
  • Versatile design for rats, mice, non-human primates and other small animal species.
  • Biocompatible materials and design features.
  • Platform for testing surface modifications: organic layers, enzymes, “nanostructures”.
  • Adaptable to “on board” electronics and optical fibers.
  • Unique properties of the Pt recording surface provide exceptional catalytic activity.
  • Long lasting designs for implantation (days, weeks, months, years?)

A partial list of neurotransmitters and metabolic markers which can be measured in vivo in the CNS using Microelectrode Arrays is shown below:

Metabolic Markers


Glucose* Acetylcholine*
Lactate* Choline*
Glycerol* Adenosine*
Pyruvate* Glutamate*
Oxygen Dopamine
Peroxide Serotonin
  Nitric Oxide

*Enzyme-based biosensors

Ceramic based microelectrode arrays are available through the CenMet Service Center at

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