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See how to measure GABA with the FAST system:

Hossain, I., Tan., C., Doughty, PT., Dutta, G., Murray, TA., Siddiqui, S., Iasemidis, L., Arumugam., P. " A novel microbiosensor microarray for continuous ex vivo monitoring of gamma-aminobutyric acid in real time" Front. Neurosci. 2018. [Link]



FAST16mk-IV - 8 Channel

Sub-second Neurotransmitter Measurements in the CNS

***Fast and Versatile Data Acquisition***

The 8-channel FAST16mk-IV can record electrochemical data (amperometry, chronoamerometry) from up to 8 independent channels, has 4 digital (event) lines and generates waveforms for experimental control. With real time display rates up to 1000Hz.

With the FAST16m-IV SYSTEM you can record electrochemical data in real-time from:
*;Awake/behaving animals
*  Anesthetized animals
*  Brain slice
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Latest Publications:

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Quanteon, LLC was established in 1996, and is dedicated to the development of FAST Analytical Sensing Technology which allows second-by-second monitoring of neurochemicals in vivo. In association with the Center for Microelectrode Technology, we aim to provide state of the art microelectrodes and biosensors for in vitro and in vivo application in research. We are continuously developing, innovating and improving our products to provide you the latest in microelectrode technologies.