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Introducing the next generation of preamplifiers for awake-behaving tethered recordings in rats and mice.

The miniHat (mHat) weighs 70% less than our current Rathats.

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Announcement - Multielectrode Arrays Now AVAILABLE to ALL

The Center for Microelectrode Technology Electrode Service Center now has sufficient production capacity to sell our ceramic-based microelectrode arrays (MEAs) to anyone wishing to purchase them for use in any electrochemical or electrophysiological recording system.

While initially designed for ultra-low current (pA) range electrochemical measurements these MEAs have been successfully used for measuring field potentials and single unit recording of neural activity in several studies.

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Training Course

NEW: Individualized Training Sessions – “Second-by-Second Electrochemical Measurements in Biological Systems”. See more (link to CenMet Online Store). Please  If you are interested in attending, please send an email to